About North Port Marketing

North Port Marketing believes in the power of small businesses to provide an appropriate work-life balance while providing quality services and products to their community. As an advocate for small businesses, we support growth by guiding small business owners and their staff through marketing concepts and proven techniques that produce results with minimal time commitment.

How do we help?

Small business owners are typically good at their main line of business, but often lack a passion for other aspects of their business. Do marketing and advertising tasks feel tedious and boring to you? That's where we come in.

We help businesses develop a marketing plan that moves them toward their goals without requiring a huge investment of money or time. As a small business, there are dozens of things you could be doing to draw new business which are both free and easy, but its hard to carve out the time for them. We take care of that, while also educating your staff on marketing concepts and techniques, allowing them to grow into their marketing role. Consider us your supplemental marketing team.