Marketing Plan

You need a plan.

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Baseball great Yogi Berra once said, "If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else."

He had a way with words, didn't he? No matter how non-sensical his musings often seemed, they still managed to deliver his point.

Like this quote, which perfectly sums up the need for planning. There are times in our lives when we want to drift aimlessly, ending up where ever the currents take us. It makes for a great vacation and a fun story, right?

But is that what you want for your business?

Probably not. If you're like most small business owners and managers, you have some idea of where you'd like your company to go. A marketing plan is all about mapping out the path you'll take to get there.

The Marketing Plan that we'll create for you will bring clarity and focus to your vision. We'll articulate your company's direction, and get you started on the right path.

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So, what's included in the marketing plan? You'll find:

  • Your target audience, including demographics, psychographics, and geographics

  • Your competitive edge - the unique qualities that set you apart

  • Branding guidelines, including suggested fonts, colors and graphics

  • Your Elevator Pitch - a succinct statement of your company's offerings

  • Your personalized marketing funnel

  • Your Proven Process - a clear statement describing how the customer can expect you to do business

  • A customized marketing mix, outlining the platforms and strategies that best suit your company

  • Action Items, including one-time actions and daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks.

Your marketing plan will be packed with education insights, allowing you to learn about marketing concepts as you progress through the plan.

Since our plans cater to those with little or no marketing experience, this package includes coaching. We'll meet with you once a week to review your progress and keep you on track until you're ready to fly solo.

Our Proven Process

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  1. In the Discovery phase, North Port Marketing’s marketing specialist meets with you to learn who your company is, what it values, and what makes it successful.

  2. The marketing specialist then writes a customized marketing plan, identifying the marketing goals and a specific action plan to achieve them.

  3. The marketing specialist reviews the plan with you and all of the stakeholders within your organization (such as your marketing manager), adjusting the plan as necessary.

  4. On a weekly basis, you take action utilizing the action items provided in the marketing plan. At the end of the week, our marketing specialist meets with you to review the week’s progress and tweak plans for the upcoming week.

  5. Once a quarter, the team (including you, your stakeholders, and our marketing specialist) meets to review the results of the activities to date, and make adjustments to the plan as necessary.

So, how much will it cost?

Base price: $2,495

For this investment, you'll get:

  • An exploratory get-to-know-you meeting

  • A 20+ page marketing plan

  • A kick-off meeting

  • 5 hours of one-on-one coaching as you begin implementing the plan

  • An Analytics report at the end of the quarter, detailing your results to date

Once we've delivered your marketing plan, we'll review the list of action items with you. You choose to assign those items to yourself, a member of your staff, or to our marketing specialist. Any items that you choose to assign to our marketing specialist will be priced a la carte. This allows you to choose how you'll balance your time and your budget.

Success doesn't just find you.

You've got hopes and dreams for your company.

Here's where you start building your path to success.

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Excited to get started?

Use this free Marketing Jumpstart worksheet to get moving down the path to marketing success!

The worksheet, provided as an Excel document, takes about 15 minutes to complete, and is designed to get the creative ideas flowing.

Once you've completed the worksheet, you have the option to submit it to North Port Marketing for a free evaluation. We'll look it over and provide you with feedback on the best marketing approach for your company.

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