Marketing Plan Refresh

Ready for a stellar 2022?

It's time to update your marketing plan for 2022

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Keeping your plan fresh is necessary to keep your momentum going in 2022.

Our Marketing Plan Refresh service is for those who had a plan in place last year

For those who did not have a plan last year, start with our Marketing Plan page.

You've seen how our Marketing Plan helps you achieve your goals and move your company forward. Don't lose steam now. Get your plan updated for the coming year.

Your revised plan will include:

  • Discovery meeting to look at last year's analytics, and plan for the coming year

  • Review and update of the plan, in light of changes to your business or your offerings

  • Updated goals, based on last year's results and your plans for the coming year

  • Review and update of your message

  • Adjustment to suggested platforms, in light of progress you made last year

  • New list of action items

  • Kickoff meeting, including assignment of action items to individuals

Our Proven Process

The Proven Process for our Marketing Plan Refresh is the same as our Marketing Plan process:

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  1. In the Discovery phase, our marketing specialist meets with you to review last year's efforts, and learn what's changed in your business.

  2. The marketing specialist then updates your marketing plan, identifying new marketing goals and a specific action plan to achieve them.

  3. The marketing specialist reviews the plan with you and all of the stakeholders within your organization (such as your marketing manager), adjusting the plan as necessary.

  4. On a weekly basis, you take action utilizing the action items provided in the marketing plan. As with your initial plan, you choose which actions will be performed by you or your staff, and which will be performed by our marketing specialist.

  5. Once a quarter, the team (including you, your stakeholders, and our marketing specialist) meets to review the results of the activities to date, and make adjustments to the plan as necessary.

Your Investment in Marketing Success

Base price: $1,595

For this investment, you'll get:

  • A discovery meeting, to map out a plan for the coming year

  • A 20+ page marketing plan

  • A kick-off meeting

  • An Analytics report at the end of the quarter, detailing your results to date

As we did last year, we'll review the list of action items with you. You choose to assign those items to yourself, a member of your staff, or to our marketing specialist. Any items that you choose to assign to our marketing specialist will be priced a la carte, allowing you to continue to balance your time commitments and your budget.

What will 2022 bring for you?