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There was a time when a website was an afterthought, a flashy bit of technology to dazzle high-tech customers.

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Not anymore. These days, most customers will google you before they call.

What will they find when they do?

If they find:

  • Incomplete information

  • Spelling and grammar errors

  • Outdated events or notes

They'll think:

  • You can't keep up

  • You don't value quality

  • You're dropping the ball

If they find:

  • Accurate information

  • Clear, concise messages

  • Answers to their questions

They'll think:

  • You're on the ball

  • You understand their needs

  • You're a valuable partner

Keeping your website fresh and up-to-date is key

to shaping the visitor's vision of your company. 

Not only that, an up-to-date site increases the chances that prospective customers will find you when they search for your products or services. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of understanding how customers will search for you, and making sure your website aligns with key words and terms.

So, how does our website maintenance package work?

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  1. Each month, we'll touch bases with you to brainstorm relevant updates

  2. We'll draft the changes, including new text and updated images.

  3. We'll make the changes to your website, without publishing them.

  4. You'll review the unpublished changes.

  5. Once you approve them, we'll publish to your live website

Investment: $285 per month.

For this modest investment, we'll improve your website every month, building an online presence that resonates with visitors, driving new business your way.

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